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Friday, 26 November 2010

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As you know, there are various classic snacks during childhood, we just introduce or select some of the reprentative, or remarkable, impressive foods to all of you, hence, if you have other ideas, we are pleased to wait for your responses!! ^O^

Here is the additional video clip about childhood snacks, please have a look, and can you guess what is this??


 Deng Deng Deng Deng.... Let me reveal the answer to you, it can be called DRIED FISH FILLET,  DRIED SHREDDED SQUID or CUTTLEFISH SEASONED CUTTLEFISH? ROLLER CUTTLEFISH? 
Actually, it’s from Sze Hing Loong,  I prefer eating DRIED FISH FILLET rather than CUTTLEFISH SEASONED CUTTLEFISH.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Jelly ''o者 喱''

 ""Hi~ everyone* I’m Susan Tam. Good to see you. Thanks for coming my blog again and I hope you can enjoy my last sharing. 

I like eating very much so I make some food if I have a free time. In the past, I like making some jelly with my boyfriend who is interested in it. I remembered that I was not good at cooking because I never cook in the kitchen. 

Why I made the food to my boyfriend because I want to give him more happiness every day. Although I just made some jelly when in a special day such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Anniversary, I can make him satisfy. Haha… … It’s so easy and I think he is a nice boyfriend. He didn’t care about my cooking because I made some terrible jelly which is not good feeling.


After a few years, I am good at make some jelly. I am totally enjoyed to make it which can make my friend feel happier. I like hearing their laughter and watching their smile. I am so happy I can meet my new friends in the Tourism Industry Programme. They are so nice and make me happier. I love them so much. 

I remembered that some classmated was so unhappy or felt stressful  because of their study, doing project, etc. I don’t like that feelings in my class so I create a event which is called “Happy Jelly Day”. If they ate my jelly, they can smile and feeling good.

Now, I would like to share how to make some jelly. I hope you can enjoy it:

Mentioned below is an easy way to make elderberry jelly recipe.

Get the elderberry benefits by making this elderberry jelly.


‧ 4 pounds Fresh Elderberries
‧ 1 gallon Water
‧ Sugar
‧ 2 tbsp Lemon Juice


‧ Clean the elderberries thoroughly and remove the stalks, if any.

‧ In a heavy pan, put in the elderberries. Bring the juice to a boil and then cook the elderberries on low heat for about half an hour.

‧ Check the berries. If the berries have turned into a soft pulp, mash the berries with the help of a spatula and continue cooking for a few minutes.

‧ Once the berries are completely cooked, remove from heat and pour them into a muslin cloth. Tie the cloth and hang the cooked elderberries. Keep a bowl beneath the cloth in order to collect all the juice from the muslin. Allow the juice to drip overnight. Do not attempt to squeeze the juice as the elderberry jelly will become cloudy.

‧ The next morning, measure the amount of juice collected in the bowl. Add about a pound of sugar for every pint of juice.

‧ Boil this mixture of juice and sugar in another pan for about 10 - 15 minutes. Add the lemon juice too. After 10 minutes, pour some jelly into a plate and see if the surface starts to set. If the surface sets, then the jelly is ready. However, if the surface does not set, then continue to cook the jelly for 5 more minutes.

‧ Repeat the test after 5 minutes. The jelly should be ready.

‧ Pour the mixture into warm containers and seal them immediately.

It’s so easy when I am making some jelly. I’m enjoying it. I hope everyone can try to make some jelly because it is a good food.

Susan Tam

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Dragon Beard Candy

Let's watch a video about how to make Dragon Beard Candy >.<

Dragon's Beard Candy (龍鬚糖)

   Do you remeber that I have introduced foreign cotton candy before? Today, I would like to introduce cotton candy too, but this is chinese cotton candy, which is called Dragon's beard candy(龍鬚糖). Did you taste it in your childhood? Dragon's beard candy is in my top ten of my favourite snacks. You must taste it at least once.

   Aucally,  Dragon's beard candy is a traditional chinese sweet, and  it has been invented for the emperor about 2,000 years ago. Thus, it were not only found in Hong Kong, but also can in Beijing, Shanghai and many cities in China.

  Dragon's beard candy is made by malt sugar, white sugar, peanut, sesame and desiccated coconut. It is cooked by well and experienced chefs. They always perform Dragon's beard candy's folding process in their stall. But you may seldomly see it in Hong Kong, you just can buy a pack of Dragon's beard candy only. If you will travel in China in the future, you may see the chef's performance later on. Therefore, if you want to taste it, I suggest you can go to Mongkok, becuase there is a stall specially that can sell Dragon's beard candy. The taste is very good!!! Let's try it @

 P.S.  I will post Dragon's beard candy of process video in our blog after later, please look forward the video!

Written by Natalie Wong

Monday, 22 November 2010

Candied Haws on a Stick "冰糖葫蘆"

Hi~ everyone. Nice to meet you. I’m Susan Tam. Now, the winter is coming. What do you want to eat in the winter? I like eating “Candied Haws on a Stick” which is a famous childhood snack in Beijing. Do you know it which is the red color? I’m going to show the picture for you. I think you may interest it.

I know that the western people may not be known that snack. It uses the Chinese hawthorn and malt sugar which taste sweet and acid. It tastes good. When you don’t want to eat more, it can make you have the appetite. I think there are less shop can buy in the western, right? If you want to eat, you can make it by yourself. Now, I’ll tell you how to make it.

Material: Fresh Chinese hawthorn, hard sugar, almond, red kidney bean paste, sugar candy scented with jasmine, sesame seed
1.    Cleaning the fresh Chinese hawthorn, use the knife cut as like as the picture. This time may see as soon as the Chinese hawthorn nucleus, made an effort to extend the nucleus gently reverse to break off the nucleus naturally to fall off
2.    Take the red kidney bean paste, the almond, the walnut, and so on likes material even adding in the central. Then covers the other half with toothpick fixed good;

3.    Put the hard sugar and the water in the pot joins.The proportion probably is 2 hard sugar: 1 clear water. The fire burns to the ebullition, Then afterward transfers the flame. You don’t stop the agitation and slowly boils to the soup starts to emit the even decadent air bubble, joins 1 few sugar candy scenteds with jasmine, stirs;
4.    Put the Chinese hawthorn binds in the syrup. because its even to stain syrup. Then afterward puts in has soaked with the cold water on the plank or the stainless steel tray, scatters the sesame seed or the almond before it's too late is broken, lets its natural cooling then

It’s very easy to make , right? I hope you can make it and enjoy in the winter.

Now, there are many different kinds of fruit which can make “Candied Haws on a Stick”. I like eating strawberry so much. I remember that I like eating it when I go shopping. The feeling is so good.

Hope everyone can enjoy my sharing*
By Susan Tam

Doublemint (綠箭)

Doublemint has a long history, brought us a lot of good memories.


Remember when i buy "Doublemint gum", just want to play "printing." How to play?

1. Open the wrapping paper, remove the silver foil (you can eat inside the gum )

2. The foil out after tearing silver foil side, butter paper into a transparent

3. Open the newspaper, find the cartoon characters you want (of course, to the butter paper size to the size of it)

4. Remove the two dollars, including in the butter a piece of paper included including  Look! Cartoon characters have been printing in the butter a piece of paper

6. To find sheets of blank paper to be covered pad of butter paper, wax for the bottom, and then including including including

7. Cartoon characters have been printing on paper in the beloved!

By Fiona Tse

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Calbee Prawn Crackers "卡樂B蝦條"

I am a fan of Japanese snacks. Accumulated so many years of experience to eat snacks, have tried many so many styles, favorite snacks still is the Calbee Prawn Crackers, from time to time want to eat, has been its addiction.


It is my favourite, it has a variety of flavors, such as : Original, seaweed flavor, grill flavor and so 
on. My favourite is the seaweed flavor. It is the purple color of this packaging.Here is a section of more brittle pitapat the shrimp, which is simply the enjoyment of the visual!

Shrimp bore some seaweed and some things about sauces now! It is very colorful! When you are busy are tired, you should eat it! You can release more.

Also,  at the back of its packaging, there are some IQ questions. Those questions were very interesting! They are? Let's go to your nearby convenience store to buy it!

However ,we should taste good order to facilitate, should not eat too much!

written by Fiona

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